Thursday, March 11, 2010

TIME of Customization and "WHAT ELSE"

It is said that Customers have become smart in selecting products and services where they are aware about their rights which are known as Consumerism era.When it is the time where a company representative goes to customer and sell the product to him,He will ask what is the distinct benefit,attribute and services that your product gives me that is known as "WHAT ELSE" demand in market.For e.g When I went to sell a product to Sardarji ,He told "Aur kya fayda hai ji apke product me"means what else can I get with your product.This is the situation in the market because of Competition and Innovation of the Products and services in the Market.

Therefore it is the need of the companies who want to survive in the market to focus on distinct benefits to the Customers which makes sustain them till the maturity level for prolong time with higher revenue generation and consistent customers. For e.g. Apple,HUL and Future group etc...

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