Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Mumbai blasts: No choice but to carry on?

The morning after Wednesday's terror attacks, Mumbai was back on its feet as people went to office and children attended schools. The question is - is it the spirit of Mumbai at work or has the city learnt to live with terror?

Amid the suffering all around, one-year-old Soni smiled and chuckled at the camera, oblivious to the fact that her father is hanging between life and death, having suffered serious brain injuries in the Zaveri Bazar blast.

Another family hit by the Dadar blast was that of Varsha. Jigna Kriya got a call that her sister Varsha, a 25-year-old accountant, was injured on her way back from home. Varsha has lost an arm and is still in the ICU.

There is an air of uncertainty on the grim faced relatives huddling outside each operation theatre. But still the relatives tried to look calm and even smiled in front of the camera.

At Zaveri Bazar, Suryakumar Purohit, who has seen all the three blasts that have rocked the locality over the years, was back at his snack shop, which is just 50 feet away from Wednesday's blast site.

"What do we say to the government. They haven't been able to do anything about Parliament attack as yet, we are still the aam aadmi," Purohit said.

But at Opera house, Manish Shah, along with fellow diamond traders was shutting his shop of fear. "There was a police station here for our safety, but, that land got sold and the police station got shut," said Shah.

The question uppermost in the minds of Mumbaikars is that till how long will the government hide its own inefficiencies by praising the spirit of a city.

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