Sunday, September 4, 2011

3 idiots - Lesson (Mantra)

1. Have atleast 2 good friends in your life
2. Jo Dil kahe woh karo - ya phir jo karo usmey Dil Lagao
3. Kuch bhi Karega Dosti ke liye
4. Don't run for success - go for excellence... Success will follow you
5. Be focused always ...
6. Do good and move on ... Final destination matters and not the credit
7. Live Life meaningful and Big ...
8. There is no 2nd life or any age or time when u can or get the chance to do things for your self ... Its everyday duty ...
9. Never stop learning -
10. Life is a Race - no doubt about it - but ur running ur own race and neither u nor any one else is competing with any one - u r competing with self
11. Kamyab nahi kabil bano - kamyabi khud tere pichee ayegi

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