Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corporate Lesson from the Battle Field

  1. The army believes in the doctrine of the “Warrior and a Winner”.
  2. In the battlefield, the “Winner Takes it All” and there’s no space for the second-best
  3. The army rewards failure.
  4. Only leaders who have the courage to swim against the tide make mistakes.
  5. No good officer is written off for making mistakes or taking initiative that goes awry as ingenuity and creativity are important to improve processes.
  6. The army believes that no plan survives the first engagement, howsoever brilliant it is.
  7. Changes have to be incorporated after the enemy faces the first offensive and counters it.
  8. It’s important to be dynamic and flexible in decision-making
  9. The army believes that money can’t bind an individual to an organisation.
  10. The ethos, work culture and scope to achieve satisfaction are more important Army leaders follow the dictum, “Know the way, show the way and go the way”
  11. The army follows the “directive style of command” where junior leaders don’t have to look over their shoulders at every stage of the battle.
  12. Flexibility and individual empowerment are important and bureaucracy doesn’t work in the battlefield The army doesn’t quantify productivity and the system of motivation is not based on monetary considerations.
  13. Esprit de corps, camaraderie, regimental pride, act as motivators
  14. The army recruits through trial by fire and at the boot camp where the best and fittest survive.
  15. Many officers leave the Army mid-way as they can’t be promoted or are not the best In the battlefield, speed and boldness is more important than perfection. Indecisiveness can be a fatal flaw.
  16. An average decision taken on time can carry the day while a brilliant decision that came late can result in defeat. The key is to pre-empt the enemy The army believes sending its officers back to school to keep them updated.
  17. A high-flying officer goes to top-notch defence colleges every two to three years

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